Yannis Mantsis

theater director, performer

I studied theatre at the “Acting art workshop of Akis Davis” while at the same time i was attending contemporary dance and ballet classes.
As a performer and dancer i cooperated with the dance companies “Airesi”, “Myia”, “Monogram”, “Iasis”, “X-ART”, “Oniro”, «ΟΜΑDANCE», «ΑΚΙΝ» and the dance company of Natasa Papamichael.
As an actor i have cooperated with the “Arodon” troop and the theatre company of Plutarchos Kaitatzis.
I am teaching dancetheatre classes to professionals and amateurs (acting, improvisation and interpretational movement, speech and movement composing techniques)
i am a founding member of the Community Artistic Company «Paracon Dance Company». While being an active member of this company, i directed and took part in the performances “De Variesai”, “Night” by Harold Pinter and “I am dying as a country” by Dimitris Dimitriadis.
I am a founder of the Norforsale Open Art Community.





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