Dimitris Sotiriou

choreographer, contemporary dancer

I was born in 1968 in Drama. I studied dance at the State School of Dance and continued my studies in New York (movement research). I apprenticed next to Zouzou Nikoloudi for ten years. I worked in her CHORUS as a dancer and taught all the roles to younger dancers.

I worked with the following directors in theater and opera:

- Sotiris Hatzakis (Night of the goat, Sacred Marriage - Politia Theatre, Bacchae, Prometheus Bound- National Theatre, Iphigenia in Aulis -DIPETHE Larissa Birds - Athens Festival, Our Grand Circus - State Theater of Northern Greece.)

- Vassilis Papavasileiou (Iphigenia of Goethe, the Adventurer - Athens Festival, The Wedding of Koutrouli, Cyclops - National Theatre, Quarrels in Kiotza- Piraeus Municipal Theatre)

- Slobodan Unkofsky (Orestes- StateTheater Of Northern Greece, Oedipus Rex - National Theatre of Bulgaria, the Marriage of Figaro, the Mandrake - Serbian National Theatre)

- Dimitris Papaioannou (the Songs of Sin - Omada Edafous, Ypnovatida, Helen - Athens Concert Hall)

- Panos Papadopoulos (the Age of Melissanthi, Secrets of the Garden - OMMA)

- Dimos Avdeliodis (Song of Songs - independent production)

- Simos Kakalas (Erofili version v'- Athens Festival)

In children's theater, I  have worked with Anthony Kafetzopoulos for "Gargalistis" (The Tickler) of Dimitris Baslam where, I interpreted the title role. Then, I codirected with Baslam his work, The Shoes Of the Baritone ".

In 2014, I directed the "Stonesoup", with Calliope Sfika and Alexis Tsiamoglou for Athens and Kalamata Festival. In the cinema, I worked with Antoinetta Angelidis in  "The Thief of Reality" (Greek Film Centre) and in television with Daphne Xhaferi in  the serie of emissions, People in Greek Song (ET1).

I am a founding member of the group sinequanon (www.sinequanon.gr), for which I work as a choreographer and dancer since its inception. With  The Sacred Supper, the group represented Greece in large and smaller events around the world such as the Greek Culture Year in China (Beijing-Shanghai 2008),  the Dance Festival Ramallah (Palestine 2009) etc.

From 2002 to 2009 the sinequanon is part of a larger collective action, the 'Crater', an old garage. There, in collaboration with other artists, the space transforms into a room for contemporary  or traditional dance, acrobatics, theater, curtain for shadow theater, concert or projection hall, depending on the occasion. The "Crater" was demolished in 2009. Since 2010 - with the invitation of  the artistic director Sotiris Hatzakis the sinequanon took  the dancetheater of the State Theater of Northern Greece  till 2013. In 2004, I directed the GALA  of Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Athens 2004, where apart from Olympic winners, participated 150 children from gymnastic clubs across the country.

In  the recent years, I work in small-scale projects such as the Moonlight Sonata - Festival Philippon, Thassos,  in artistic collaboration with the actress Lydia Fotopoulou. 

I am a member of NorForSale Art Net since 2016.



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