DanceTheater | Laboratoty 2018 with Performance

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Lab Courses


The courses of the laboratory are a complete cycle of training in the interpretative process. This training ends with the participation of students in a performance that will be presented for two days at the Modern Theater.

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Lab Performance

The performance is a product of the combination of creative results of the participating students. During the workshop the participants under the guidance of the instructors,are directing and choreographing taking into account the theatrical text and the dramatic conditions that serve a common creative result



The main trainers of the laboratory are Yannis Mantsis (director, actor), Aliki Kazori (choreographer, dancer) and Nikos Stefanou (tenor, musician). In order to strengthen the  laboratory program, taking into account the needs of the departments, it is possible to add participations of trainers who are members of the team.

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To whom is it adressed to


The  laboratory addresses at every level of technique or experience in dance or theater. Independent departments will be created based on the technical level of the participants

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Lessons Schedule


We have created 4 courses in which the departments will be formed. Check out the programs and choose the most suitable for you

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Τechnical Level - Experience


At the beginning of the workshop, the instructors assess the experience of the participants in dance and theater so that the departments have a similar technical level

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Laboratory Spaces


We want the lab to integraded opportunity and complete dance experience. That's why we chose the laboratory should take place at the space of Modern Theater in combination with the excellent venue of Elephant dance school

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The total cost for each section of the laboratory 2018 is € 300.00. See below the steps and ways to pay the amount

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1. Sign Up :  60,00€
If you wish to sign up at participants list, you have to deposit the amount of € 60.00. The classes have a limited number of positions:
2. Υπόλοιπα Στάδια Πληρωμής : 240,00€

Δείτε ποια είναι τα στάδια πληρωμής που ακολουθούν μετά την προκαταβολή, για το πρόγραμμα που επιλέξατε :
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Certificate Issuance

Participants are granted a certificate of completion of the Laboratory '18


The team respects the rules for limiting the publication of photographic material and does not allow private photography and video recording during the workshop (courses and performances). The workshop is photographed and videographed (discreetly) by professionals of NorForSale Art Net   camera

Contact Us


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για φωτο tel contact   690 879 2144 |  10:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00  

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