Lab 2016

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Few Wors About Lab 2016


Description: The workshop included five sections (contemporary, classical, african, Indian dance and voicing) whose the creative results there were parts of a single performance choreography-direction of a performance choreographed and directed by Yannis Mantsis and Alice Kazouri. Each student was able to select and track more than one department.

Purpose: A strong element of this workshop was the incitement to the stage, an appointment or a showdown with our fears on stage. We explore and discover how quantum and engineering stand against wellness. We understand how we become allies with our contractions, using them on stage. How disappointments are unlocked and challenged, while the prospect is strengthened. In the end, we end with the victory of the man who is ready to redefine his everyday life and rush to it.

Was addressed to: professional artists and amateurs.

Period: 23/1/16 to 8/2/16. The lab was completed within 2 weeks. During this period, 8 courses and 2 technical rehearsals took place

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Five Kinds of Art Six Artists Eighty Participants (Professionals & Amateurs)
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Direction-Dramaturgy: Yannis Mantsis

Choreography: Aliki Kazouris

Teacher Group: Aliki Kazouris (contemporary), Smaralia Karakosta (classical), Daphne Asimakopoulou (African), Christina Zannis (Indian), Niskriya-Elena Kazantzidis (voicing)

Friendly Participation: Diana Gussman, Christos Stavrakakis (classic dueto)

Percussion: Nikos Polychronidis 

Photo: Manos Megaloudis, Stefanos Kyriacopoulos

Video: Christos Xenitopoulos, Mimi Mitsakis your social media marketing partner