African Dance Seminar with Katerina Karatzi - 11/1/2015

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Description : In Africa, there is nothing more useful than rhythm. Rythm, allows you to do everything: to work, to celebrate, to mourn, to call the gods to communicate and relieve your soul. The African dance, is performed with the accompaniment of african percussion (rhythm) and is more than an expression of art. It is a way of life, a way of being. It works therapeutically through awareness and freedom of the body, connecting the individual with her own internal rhythmic power. Nowadays it verily acquires a terapeutic aspect, as  people tend to follow limited movement patterns.

Seminar structure : a. preparatory exercises aiming to the warm up the muscles,  release the neck, sternum, pelvis, arms, while the participants understand, how each part of the body is moved separately from the rest. b. Getting familiar with African dance, through simple and basic steps. c.Delivery of a choreography and a song inspired by the tradition of West Africa. d. Exercises, stretching and relaxation, focusing on breathing.

Target : The seminar was addressed to all

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