Contemporary Dance Seminar with Anastasia Brouzioti - 8/2/15

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Description : Dance improvisation seminar, with the participation of the musicians, Kostis Sereleas (cello) and Menela Ratopoulou (percussion). It consisted of three parts:

a. Warm up exercises, based on contemporary dance (floorwork, empowerment and acrobatic elements) as a first contact with our body, space,fellow dancers . Simultaneously, a preparation for the steps to follow.

b. Led improvisation. Participants are divided into pairs and operate within guidelines which lead them to creation. As a result, the hearing mechanism is being stimulated and communication is enhanced. Thereby, the transformation of the movement into dance, is studied and revealed.In addition, by using elements from contact improvisation,we come up with the importance of the relationship that is being "built" between two people.

c. In the third stage of the seminar, each couple will be invited to create and present a short choreography based on the work that has preceded, with the help and guidance of the teacher. The seminar is aimed at people who love to dance, create and work with the body using any kind of movement technique (amateur and non-dancers, actors, etc.)

Target : The seminar is aimed at professional and amateur dancers, actors, students of performing arts and those who have been involved in any other kind of physical exercise (dance, martial arts, etc.)

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