Repertory - Modern Jazz Choreography Seminar with Vasia Vougioukli - 17/05/15

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Description : The seminar is focused on performing a choreography, where dance, music and rhythm are combined harmoniously. The choreography is taught in parts and share it in groups.The familiarity with the music was connected with the style and expressiveness of movement, elements which are very important in jazz dance. Through the organization and teamwork, the dance combinations take their place in the layout of the final version of the choreography.
The seminar consiste of the following stages :

  • a. Dance warmup, basic techniques and basic steps of jazz
    b. Dancing combinations that utilize the space, by combining the knowledge of the previous stage (cross floors)
    c. Contact and study of the music of the choreography
    d. Study of the rythm - counting the music
    e. Integrating style and expression of the movement in the music
    f.  Synthesis - choreography

Target : The seminar is aimed at professional and amateur dancers, actors, students of performing arts and those who have been involved in any other kind of physical exercise (dance, martial arts, etc)


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