Physical Theatre Seminar with Aliki Dourmazer - 15/3/15

Exploring the dialectic function of the body - mind of the performer in the "here and now" of the ensemble group action

Description : The function of the body - mind of the performer is created in the "here and now" of  the theatrical action. The practice of Physical Theatre, simultaneously activates the link "body - mind" in a continuous flow of interaction with all members of the ensemble - group.

We combine   practices from Physical Theatre  and structured improvisations. Thus, is cultivated the living presence of the performer in the "here and now", the discovery of the  expressive tools of our body, the release from the mold, the activation of instinctive communication of the ensemble members and the confidence to the procedure of free expression .

The training was focused on:

- Direct connection and body activation - stimulus- reaction

- Ball Game

- Kinesiological improvisations / dance in couples, small and large groups.

- Techniques  of  dynamic relationship of body and space.

- Coordination techniques of body, rhythm and consciousness.

- This whole process is built through the pleasure of the  research action. Through the power  of remaining present as performers, we encounter the object which pleases us  at the time of the action. We start together as equal and valuable members of the ensemble group.

Target : Addressed to professional and amateur actors, performers, dancers, theater school students, teachers and those who want to discover or broaden their  physical and vocal  expressive potential


Aliki Dourmazer



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