Indian Classical Dance Seminar with Kleoniki Karachaliou - 19/4/15

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Description : Classical Indian dance (Bharata Natyam) is an ancient dance that flourished in South India. Its name could be translated in Greek as "the art of the people." Inspired by nature: water, waves, trees, mountains, climbing plants. Nature, is the source of inspiration and at the same time, the creator, the dancer, the architect. Dance, music and theater in ancient India were the three aspects of the same art, "Natyam". An art that combined the strenght of the rhythm and dance with the melody and poetic expression "gestures" (the mudras). All these, combined with the facial expression, create a complete theater.

The harmonic dimension of the body operates at three levels :

a. The legs , which hold strict triangular positions and function as musical instruments, performing complex rhythms.
b. The hands, narrating the legend through codified movements.
c. The face, in which we read a whole range of emotions.

Bharata Natyam is an eminently theatrical dance. The dancer is called to transform herself into a dancer and storyteller, narrating the deeds and sufferings of the ancestors, which are symbols of the inner world. The narrative expression of the emotions is called abhinaya. The dancer discovers her means of expression, in silence. In Indian dance there is no verbal action, so the dancer simultaneously plays two or three heroes alternating her facial expressions, the movements of all the body and the emotions. We would say that the body of the dancer is converted into a workshop of ideas, feelings and images.
The seminar was structured in the following stages :

a.  Welcome and acquaintance with classical Indian dance Bharata Natyam
b.  Warm up
c.  Learning basic steps
d. Theory and practice mudras (finger alphabet)
e.  Expression
f.  Choreography

Target : The seminar is a research towards the natural and free body movement, and was addressed to everyone interested


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