Voicing Technique Seminar with Niskriya Elena Kazantzidis - 26/4/15

" I trust my voice "


Description : The seminar was addressed to anyone who wanted to come in contact with one's voice. Those who come into daily contact with people through their voice, including teachers, salespeople, actors, singers and others, were benefited. But everyone, who wanted to find one's true voice without compromise, without hiding, was  benefited as  well ... And how difficult it seems to be, to stand open and vulnerable in front of the others... The information provided by the people after the workshop or the session, is that  they acquired a new freedom to speak or sing.

 In the seminar, we recieved  tools for  using our voice with awareness. Moreover, for listening to others and accepting them with an open heart. And lastly, for  treating blockages and knots which prevent free expression. We got the support, to sink  into the magic of vocal improvisation . A  journey to explore  and realise oneself  through the voice and sound 

Target : Everyone is welcome, everyone can sing. The seminar is addressed to all


Niskriya-Elena Kazantzidi



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