Indian Kathak dance Seminar with Christina Zanni - 11/10/15

Few words about seminar


Description : Kathak, is one of the eight classical dances of India. The root of the word Kathak is the Sanskrit word -Katha, which means '' story '' and Kathakas, were the narrators of stories, myths and epics, in ancient India, similar to the Greeks rhapsodists. Classical indian dance has two parts, the narrative-mimic which is called Abhinaya and the pure dance-rhythmic part, called Nritya. In the first, are described scenes from the Hindu mythology or feelings and moods from the lyrics of certain love songs. In the pure dance part, the dancers,are performing intelligent rhythmic compositions beating the soles of the feet to the ground. T he course aims to foster the incorporation of the rythm , the coordination of the movements of the upper and lower limbs and the sense of the lines and directions of the body and space .Lastly, through the narrative part, we come in contact with the Hindu mythology as well as the codes of the physical and emotional expression of the Indian dance.

Target : The seminar is addressed to those who wish to experience this kind of art, to enjoy and to express and inspire themselves through dance

Christina Zanni

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