Contemporary Dance Seminar with Anastasia Brouzioti - 1/11/15

Few words about seminar


Description : The seminar is structured in two parts:

a. Warm up through dance / movement combinations (floorwork, empowerment and acrobatic elements) to get in contact with our body, space and our fellow dancers and prepare for what follows

b. Led collective improvisation. The students are guided to improvise with specific instructions based on the concepts of flow, musicality, dynamics, speed, necessity, naturalness and communication. They create their own world being in constant contact with each other. Ultimately, it is a study in which the dancer has the opportunity to observe herself (both alone and within a set) and intervene in her personal movement and habits. This seminar could be the start of a broader search for every person who is interested in corporal expression, and contributes to her personal fulfillment and development.

Target : The seminar is addressed to those who wish to experience this kind of art, enjoy and express and inspire themselves, through dance


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