African Dance Seminar with Daphne Asimakopoulou - 13/12/15

Few words about seminar


Description : Unwind with this earthy rhythmic dance! Dance and sweat with live percussion! Across Africa, the dance, derives from everyday life, with movements inspired by nature, community work, giving a special ritual significance.  They function as prayers, like signage rituals . Dances that release the body as well as the emotion. The contact of  the bare soles with the earth renews its energy, eliminating tensions, offering well-being and mental balance. The dancer becomes one with the rhythm and has direct contact with the musician  and the percussion (djembe). The course was open to all.  It Included warm up, teaching of traditional footwork, rhythms and dances of Africa (mainly D. Africa - Guinea, Mali), with percussion accompaniment. It does not aim only, to the pleasant full body exercise but to  reconnect the dancer as well, with the primary internal pulse and her animal instinct. It leads her,  at some moments to another level of consciousness

Target : The seminar is addressed to all


Daphne Asimakopoulou



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