Contemporary Dance & Improvisation Seminar with Christina Karpouzou - 10/1/16

" Rhythm and Sound " 


Description : Our bodies, as part of our consciousness, are a very strong and powerful tool, which at the same time distances itself from our "Ego". Acquires its own automatisms, kinesiological paths and "isolations". These condiotions, often tend to separate it from the rational, throughput mode of  the mind. A tool then,  like all tools, the more one learns to use it, the more one understands its operation and the infinite ways in which it can be expressed. The body, is  based on its own technical structure, being independent  of logic. In this workshop, we have as a set square, the flow of contemporary dance,  the muscle strengthening and the improvisation exercises. We study the kinesiology of our body based on  the tempo and the sound  that it can produce. We discover and shape melodies and speeds, even in conditions of absolute silence

Target : The seminar is aimed at professional and amateur dancers, actors, students of performing arts and those who have been involved in any other kind of physical exercise (dance, martial arts, etc.)


Christina Karpouzou 

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