Seminar Classical Dance with Diana Gussman - 24/1/16

Few word about seminar


Description : The Italian painter Severini, talking about his painting Mare = Ballerina and comparing the movement of the dancer with that of the sea, said the following: "the environment is optically determined and hence fluid and the human figure is merely a part, although an inseparable part , of that metamorphic reality. In this canvas and others the cadences of the swirling motion of the dance and the dancer's costume are compared with those of the sea's movement "

In this seminar we try to conquer the quality of dance movement of classical dance  either  being free or  being determined by the change of the current condition. Environment, rhythm, music co-determine and evolve the reality of the dancer. Thus, they make her the master and  the integral part of her dance "transformation".

The course begin with exercises on the bar, allowing our body to warm up. The body is  placed and by moving at a steady pace, it develops elements such as musicality and flow of movement. Then, with exercises aiming to the center of the body, we sought in balance, strength and coordination in order to approach the relationship between dancer- music- space and ambient.

Target : The seminar is addressed to those who wish to experience this kind of art, to inspire, to enjoy and to express themselves through dance


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