Indian Dance Bharata Natyam Seminar with Kleoniki Karachaliou - 14/2/16

Few word about seminar


 Description : Bharata Natyam is an ancient sacred dance that flourished in South India. Is a complex art, where drama, music, poetry and rhythm appear as a whole.

Natyam is the term denoting the art, while

bharata = Bha = (<bhava: theatrical expression)

Ra = (<raga: melody, poetry)

Ta = (<talla: rythm)

The dating of this dance is in doubt because its roots go back to the ancient times . The whole theory is recorded in an ancient theoretical work, called «Natya -Shastra», which is said that was written between 200 BC - 300 AD. Consists a composition of multiple writers. Indians consider it of divine origin. The Natya-Shastra deals with an impressive variety of subjects (drama, hand language, acting, running a show, costumes etc) and attempts a reconstruction of human experience in theater.

Today, bharata natyam is an art form consisting of political and social elements that have stood the trial of time. From a purely ceremonial art destined for the temples, it evolved into a form of classical dance . The rich vocabulary of bharatanatyam is vast and varied. Its richness was recognized by pioneers of Contemporary dance like Ruth St.Devis, Martha Graham, Erik Hawkins.
The seminar teach the following:

1 Steps (adavus)
2.Jathis: dance steps -combinations of various adavus
3.Introduction to classical choreography Thodaya mangalam, based on the Indian epic Ramayana

Target : The seminar is addressed to those who wish to experience this kind of art, to inspire, enjoy and express themselves through dance.

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