Seminar of Physical Theatre with Yiannis Mantsis - 27/3/16

Few words about seminar... 


Description:The seminar is a sample of a dance theater experience which have the purpose to stimulate the participants towords the free creative and kinetic expression. It help to overcome resistance and barriers, with the purpose  to expose effortlessly our "good" ,creative and awakened (smart) self ithrough the noble mechanisms of art. The aim is to link the creative activity with the emerging joy within the group. Basicly, it is an act strictly artistic. 

Target : The seminar is addressed to those who love dance and music and are working with their body in whatever form of movement. Is addressed to those who love the simplicity of the theater, and seek without shame the cheerfulness and the joy of spontaneous artistic expression. May they take with them a small memory that will enhance their personal journey into any small or large group of the coming day.

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