Voicing Technique Seminar with Niskriya-Elena Kazantzidis - 29/1/17


" Harmonize, work with voice & sounds "


Description : Harmonization is a life tool that helps open up expression and creativity. As a result, many choices and countless possibilities are made available to realize our dreams. With simple exercises of breathing, tonicity, rhythm, spontaneous movement and vocal improvisation, we harmonize ourselves with the frequency of land and life, within a framework of respect and love for us and others. In this clear, open space, the musicality emerges within our body, as an expression of our pure essence

Voice becomes the tool of many different qualities available within us. As we associate with each one of them, according to the old physical scale of the centers, we live with conscience, harmony and enjoyment

Target : Everyone is welcome, everyone can sing. The seminar is addressed to all


Niskriya-Elena Kazantzidis

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