Ensemble Physical Theatre Seminar with Aliki Dourmazer - 22/1/17


" Through the body I will be over the body "


Description :  Our body is the vehicle of ourselves. The consciousness of our body and our 'inner space' brings us consciously at this moment and beyond this. We are experiencing. We observe. We're changing. We learn.

We explore how movement changes our inner landscape and its relationship to the external environment. We observe our kinetic actions and the relationship with the actions of others through a process of stimulus-reaction. We discover the power of energizing the authentic physical expression, finding what we really enjoy in improvised kinesiological conciliation.

We all start together as equal and precious members of the ensemble group. By combining Body Theater practices and structured improvisations, we cultivate: the conscious movement / discovery of sensory communication - touch, vision / activation of communication through anxiety / self-confidence in the free expression process.

The training focuses on the following: direct connection and body-mind-stimulus-reaction activation. Ball Game, Motion, Rhythm, Sensing Techniques. Dynamic Body-Space Techniques. Kinesiological improvisations / dance in couples, small and large groups.

Target : The seminar is aimed at professional and amateur actors, performers, dancers, theater students, teachers and those interested in discovering or broadening their physical and acoustical expressive potential


Aliki Dourmazer

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