Contemporary Dance Seminar with Plotinos Eliades - 7/5/17


" Walk - Run - Fly "


Description : The seminar Walk-Run-Fly handles the body as the perfect tool. It  puts it in the process of discipline and optimum operation of the neuromuscular system for quick speed changes,transfer of weight, levels and dynamics, through the continuous flow of energy ( flow). The main protagonist, is the spiral, which flows continuously in the body and the joints. Thus, the flow carries us from one place to another with the least possible energy. Then, a guided improvisation, which will start from a simple walking will be enough, to lead us, to trails of exploration, concerning space, time, weight, speed and people around us. We explore the coexistence and the constant interaction  which we receive during improvisation. These facts, are able to energise the kinesthetic and physical consciousness. 

Target :  The seminar is aimed at professional and amateur dancers, actors, students of performing arts and those who have been involved in any other kind of physical exercise (dance, martial arts, etc.)


Plotinos Eliades

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