NorForSale | Philosophy

NorForSale Art Net

NorForSale Art Net consists the dynamic expression of an open artistic alliance with networking  orientation. Has the purpose of free and continuous exchange of experiences and ideas of artists who come from different environments. Originating from the widest possible range, the NorForSale Art Net reflects a common vision, based on values ​​and ideals.

Founded in October 2013 by Yiannis Mantsis,  is based in Athens. Is the next step towards the establishment of a vibrant artistic network. Professional artists united  with the ultimate purpose of establishing and developing a team, which  will be moving  forward with a common philosophy and vision.

Our target

The formation of  a common artistic environment, suitable to cause continuous interactions between its members, has the potential to develop high dynamics with unexpected positive results. Promoting appropriate motivations, is a prerequisite for mobilizing and uniting professional artists that propel jointly the planned action and cooperation.

Fantamental value

The art is not an object of commercial transanction , but  a means  of awakening and creating a powerful  perception-consciousness.


a.   Performances  of Dance-Theatre

b.   Sunday Seminars

c.   Cycles of Seminars

d.   Road-Trip Seminars

Vision and allies

We wish for all creatively restless people to meet through art. Embodying thus, an "open laboratory" of arts which can transform the simple daily needs, offering  inspiration and creation to all  its Members. your social media marketing partner