Katerina Andriopoulou

choreographer, contemporary dancer

I graduated from London Contemporary Dance School (The Place), with "Bachelors of Honors".

I founded the dance group X-Art  and produced plays  for children such as: "The Butterfly's Evil Spell", "... and they lived well ...", "The Nightingale and the Rose", "The statue that felt cold," "Cinderella" "Little Prince", etc.

I choreographed the "Oliver Twist" for the Greek Youth Group Dancers R.A.D. and "The yellow bus for the homeland" for the Juvenile Dance Group “The C-Lab”. I have worked with the State theater of Northern Greece and with many State Regional Theaters as well as with the Theater Route, the Argo Theatre, etc.

 I worked as a dancer with the groups 'LOAD' and Koffee Klub Dance Co. (England), Szeged Contemporary Ballet (Hungary) and in Greece with N. Papamihail, P. Gallias, K. Rigos, A. Papadamaki , Sophia Spyratou, etc.

I have given movement and dance workshops at the Department of Theatre Studies of the  University of Athens and taught at the Drama School of Elda Panopoulou "Melissa Art School".  I participated as a speaker in the first seminar on "Child - Theatre - Dance" , organized by the Ministry of Culture with the National Centre of Theatre and Dance.  I was a member of the Committee for the  Introductory Examinations for the  Higher Professional Dance Schools of Ministry of Culture Dance for 2013-14 & 2014-15. 

I am a member of NorForSale Art Net since 2015.