Yannis Mantsis

theater director, choreographer



I am a drama school graduate. As a young actor, I was trained in contemporary and classical dance which in fact helped me to better understand the Grotowski technique. As a result of all this, it was that from early on followed the path of dance theater. From 1996 to 2014 I collaborated as a performer, with various dance and theater companies.

Since 2009 I have been directing and choreographing. My last collaboration as a choreographer and dramatist was with the Cuban National Contemporary Dance Company. The show in 2024 will tour Mexico and European countries. This is a collaboration that started in July '22 in Havana and will continue for at least the next 2 years.


I believe that our current reality, in order to express itself, requires one language dense and full of truths. This is also the main responsibility of the artist, to search for and create this language himself. But any great truth, when expressed openly, is difficult and indigestible for most of people. If we don't take care to highlight or ultimately give elements of poetry in this truth, then this truth is not shared. Dance is the most poetic part of the theater and at the same time, the theater is the widest window for dance. At the point where the two arts come together, poetry meets reality. This poetry has the potential to be so sharp as to be correspondingly harsh it is the reality we experience today. It should be noted that when I say the word theater I mean everything. Because theater is also the restless silence that generously gives its own place to the dance.


Since 1990  : I attend open contemporary and classical dance classes
1994-1997   :  Drama School of Akis Davis


2008 : Technique GAGA with Ohad Naharin in Prague (artistic director and choreographer of Batsheva Dance Company)
2006 : Acting Improvisation with David Glass (artistic director of the "David Glass Ensemble")
2005 : Contemporary Dance Technique and Improvisation with Iñaki Azpillaga (assistant of Wim Vandekeybus)


2008      : “Who Cares” - Paracoon Dance Company
2009      :“The Night” of Harold Pinter - NorForSale DanceTheater Company
2012-13 : “I Die as a Country” of Dim. Dimitriadis- NorForSale DanceTheater Company
2018      : “Assignment” - NorForSale DanceTheater Company
2023      : “Hands On” - Danza Contemporanea de Cuba


I am an instructor of performing arts and I teach to professionals and amateurs. I teach creative improvisation using techniques from contemporary dance and acting. These techniques have their basis in the Grotowski system.

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