Indian Kathak dance Seminar with Christina Zanni - 19/2/17


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Description : Kathak is one of the eight classical Indian dances and its name comes from the Sanskrit word Katha, which means history. Its characteristic is the separation into pure dance and narration. In pure dance (Dancing), the dancer performs dance and rhythmic compositions in which the element of symbolism is absent. Through them, grace and rhythmic delight are taken. In the narrative (abhinaya), the dancer narrates stories using coded gestures, postures and facial expressions. Combining dance, rhythm, theater and spirituality, Indian dance provides a wide range of expressive media. The movement is characterized by precision, grace, coordination and geometric elements. Combined with the beautiful colored costumes and ornaments, it generates, besides aesthetic pleasure and a positive image for ourselves and for life. The dancer is both a musician and an actor. The bells at the feet of the dancer reproduce the rhythm while the body and its feet are dancing. This combination, emits strong emotions, raises the mood and creates a sense of ground, grace and rhythm in the body. The aim of the seminar is to promote rhythm, the coordination of the movements of the upper and lower limbs and the sense of the lines and directions in the body and in the space. Finally, through the narrative piece, to get in touch with Indian mythology and the codes of physical and emotional expression of Indian dance.

«The dancer must sing by expressing the meaning of the song with the gestures of his hands. He shows the emotional states with his eyes and at the same time he is dancing by tapping the rhythm of music with his feet. The eyes must go to the point where the hands go, and where the eyes are directed, the mind must follow them; where the mind is born, the emotions are born, and where the emotions are found, the aesthetic pleasure arises »

Natya Sastra (Sanskrit dissertation on Indian stage arts, dating back to 100 BC).

Target : The seminar is addressed to those who wish to experience this kind of art, to enjoy and to express and inspire themselves through dance


Christina Zanni

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