Contemporary Dance with Eirini Apostolatou - 18/12/16


Few words about seminar


Description : The seminar contains dynamic, complex, technical and physical exercises and combinations that focus on details with clarity. Passing in and out of the floor, we travel through it and learn how to use it when we dance. The main factor of the course is to encourage the dancer to be particularly inventive and playful, as well as strong motor and physical.

Even when the body is standing still, it is very important to realize that the action and the sequence of motion does not stop flowing. The dancers are asked to go out of their "comfort zone" and keep their intention and honesty with the choices they have made throughout the course. The combinations and instructions will "challenge" our limits, inviting us to go beyond them.

Target : The seminar is aimed at professional and amateur dancers, actors, students of performing arts and those who have been involved in any other kind of physical exercise (dance, martial arts, etc.)


 Eirini Apostolatou

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