Voicing Technique Seminar with Niskriya-Elena Kazantzidis - 17/1/16

" The Velvet of the Voice - Voice Lab & Vocal improvisation " 


Description : People who come into contact with the world every day, as teachers, salesmen, actors, etc., can benefit from it. In addition, everyone who wants to find his true voice and experience its velvety version. Many people in the world have felt that after the workshops, they gained freedom to speak or sing. This technique, gives the tools for using one's voice with awareness, treats blockages and points that have created knots in the neck, thus preventing free expression. Finally, it gives support to one to sink into the magic of the improvised song. Everyone is welcome, everyone can sing

Target : Everyone is welcome, everyone can sing. The seminar is addressed to all


Niskriya-Elena Kazantzidis