Smaralia Karakosta

choreographer, classical dancer

I started classical dance since childhood. At the age of 14, I continued my studies at the National Conservatoire of Bourges in France. As a graduate of the Conservatoire and the French Lyceum, I continued my studies at the University of Sorbonne in the section of Plastic Arts.

Moreover, I became a member of  the Aenaon Dance Theatre( Daniel Lommel)and participated in various productions of the group in France. In 2001 I quit my studies, going to Milan, Italy to dance, as the first dancer, choreographies  by  Joseph Russillo with Giovane Balletto Italiano . Then, I returned to Paris to continue my studies in dance, anatomy and analysis of dance movement. After completing my studies, I returned to Greece as a dancer, assistant and responsible of   Daniel Lommel’s  rehearsals . In addition, I worked as a dancer and responsible  of the rehearsals of the Eldor  group (Lila Zafiropoulou). Occasionally I attended classes and dance workshops abroad (the Opera of Lyon, Frankfurt and Wuppertal, Germany). In 2010 in Larissa, I was involved in the organization and direction of the dance events of the municipality. Since 2011 I work in Athens as a classical dancer and dance teacher.

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