Katerina Christoforou

choreographer, contemporary dancer

I was born in Athens. I am an excellent graduate of the State School of Orchestral Art (2014). In 2011 I was accepted by the SEAD School in Austria (alongside studies) where I attended a seminar course and in the same year I danced for the first time in Herodion theater in a performance by S.Taskiris. In 2013, in Ludwigshafen in Frankfurt, I participated in an performance of an international choreography competition "No Ballet" which was awarded.

As a member of the Hellenic Dance Company, in collaboration with Dimitris Papadimitriou and Fotini Darra, I danced at Herodion in a performance titled "From poetry of K.P. Cavafis to N.Gatzos".

I have worked with choreographer Tono Lachky with the productions: "Old man's dream" 2012, "Almost in panic" 2013, "work in progress" 2014. In 2013, I traveled to New York for a performance in collaboration with Martha Graham Dance Company 2. This performance was repeated in Herodion with the whole group. In 2014 I worked as a dancer with choreographers Paul Blackman and Christina Guselis for the Scoon project. That same summer I was invited by choreographer Tono Lachky at the Deltebre Dance Festival as a guest with him and I also participated in the creation of Valerie Eleonore Lachky. In 2014 I danced for the show "Open Frontiers". One of the pieces was Akram Khan's "Vertical Road".

I have attended several seminars by greek and foreign dancers and choreographers such as: Milan Herich, Yen-Ching Lin, David Zambrano, Martin Kilvady, Raakesh Sukesh, Jozef Frucek, Matej Kejzar, Paul Blackman, Konstantina Efthimiadou, Christina Gouzelli, Athanasia Kanellopoulou, Linda Kapetanea , Samuel Lefeuvre, Valerie Eleonore Lachka, Damien Zale.

I have taught and rehearsed repertoire such as: "Wien" (Pascal Rioult), "Rite of Spring" (Martha Graham), "Panorama" (Martha Graham), "Steps on the Street", "Rite of Spring" (Pina Bausch).

Today I am a member of the JV2 programm, and I am collaborating with JV2 in England. 

I am a member of NorForSale Art Net since 2015.



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