Anastasia Brouzioti

choreographer, contemporary dancer

I was born in Larissa in 1982. I studied in the Municipal Ballet School of Larissa and I was a student of contemporary dance in the school of AREA (Bcn) and Company & Company (Bcn). In 2008 I started working as a dancer and dance teacher in Greece and Spain.In 2012 I founded the group Alma Libre in which I act as choreographer.

I participated  with my projects in the Festival of Young Creators, The Young Artist's Festival (Train Roof), Revault Festival, Contact Art Festival, Festival of the Association of Greek Choreographers, Site Specific Festival 2013- Tannery, Certamen Coreografico de Madrid (awarded for the project A true story ), AVDP 2014.

As a performer I have worked with the La Taimada groups, Iasis,, Soyuz, Circle Team, Pantelis Makkas, A.Lamprianidou, D.Martinez, Ol.Alvarez, G.Zois.

I am a member of the artistic NorForSale network since May '15.
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