Stephen Ganotis

traditional greek dancer

I was born in Kymi in 1970. Since childhood, I was involved in the Greek dance as a student and later as a member of the dance group of the Lyceum of Greek Women. In 1996 I created the Greek dance group "PERPEROUNA" in which I took part in dozens of events in Greece and abroad. Examples include the cooperation with the unforgettable  Domna Samiou, in her performances in the Thessaloniki and Athens Concert Hall , the Roman Forum, the  Erodium theater and elsewhere.

Abroad in Finland (Kuopio), Beijing, Cairo, South Italy, Czech Republic, Romania and especially in Turkey where I worked with the Patriarchate (events in Imvros and Princes) as well as  with Turkish musicians and dancers. I have participated in dozens of conferences and seminars about the teaching of traditional dance.The latter was that of the gradual education of B’ Athens for the training  of PE teachers (2014).

I have been involved with amateur theater as a musician, actor and assistant director.

I am member of NorForSale Art Net since May '15.

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