Niskriya Elena Kazantzidis

voicing technique trainer

I have specialized for three years in Voicing, in Italy and Switzerland, with Pratibha de Stoppani, its creator ( I am holder of the diploma of the Voicing Institute . 

Since 2008 I instruct my own groups in Greece, England, Germany and India, and give individual sessions.  I have studied film and drama, and I am creator four short films. My daily work is connected with the effort of the integration of the 'magic'  in simple everyday life. Thus, making it an indivisible part of our lives.

I use the voice as  bridge of the visible world to whom  it is addressed, to the unseen world. The world of feeling and intuition. By voicing technique, the song takes over its role as a collective group operation, assuming to express what reason fails to. The voice of the song and the movement of the dance are one.

I am member of NorForSale Art Net since May '15.
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