Nickos Polichronidis

musician - african percussionist

I work with the research, study and promotion of West African percussion (djembe) to the general public since 2000.

I began my studies in the school "Percussion of Taki" with the  teacher Lefteris Grigoriou, with whom I specialized in doundoun and djembe, and I participated in many concerts with the band of  the percussion of Taki.

Then, I developed skills in modern percussion with Petros Kourtis in the Philippos Nakas Conservatory and  in classical percussion with Constantinos  Vorisis and participated in various educational seminars with Ponda o Braian, Drissa Conne, Reiner Polak, etc.

In 2004, Daphne Asimakopoulou, Michael Afolaian and Nickos, founded the dance theater group  «Anasa», in which I take the music supervision and tour across Greece for a year.

Till 2010,  I teach at the School of African percussion  of Lefteris Grigoriou, while in December 2006,  I organize, in collaboration with the Municipal Conservatory of Patra and the dancearte School of Tatianna Loverdou, a two-day seminar  of African percussion in Patra. In 2009, I travel to  Mali, West Africa where I stayed for three months. During this time I discover new aspects of African culture, play music and develop my knowledge of percussion, along with great musicians and teachers such as Drissa Kone, Cidi Traore , Sega Sidibe.

From early 2010 until 2012  I give  weekly djembe lessons in Patra in cooperation with the non-profit Society "Spark" while, in 2011, I founded  with Theodore Chiotis the A.P. Community (African Percussion Community), where are taught percussion from Africa, Cuba and Nigeria. A year later the A.P., with the new band "A.P.ensemble", organize the "Ritual drums festival" event at the Dora Stratou Theatre in Athens and  in Parga harbor, under the guidance of the great and experienced musician master djembe drummer Harouna Dembele. In this context we realize a second concert in the theater Dora Stratou, in June 2013, titled "Sacred Drums of the earth."

In January 2013, I founded with Stavros Dadoush the "Pangea World Music Center" with the aim of fostering, promoting and distributing various forms of art from around the world in the wider Greek public ,as well as  the promotion of Greek cultural wealth abroad.

 A month later, I realize a second research - educational trip to Burkina Faso of West Africa, thus expanding even more my musical horizons . Moreover, to  enrich the musical and cultural material that is transmitted with passion through Pangea  to those wishing to learn more about African percussion, traditions and customs of the African continent.

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