Christina Karpouzou

choreographer, contemporary and flamengo dancer

I was born in Athens and from an early age I was involved in dance, in the beginning with modern and classical, then with free improvisation, kinesiology and flamenco. My education as a dancer of contemporary dance and flamenco, was held in Athens and Spain, were I  apprenticed in various schools and next to renowned dancers of both kinds, respectively.

Since 2009, I am working as a dance teacher in schools of Athens, giving contemporary  flamenco lessons and courses of kinesiology ,expression through rhythm and movement and empowerment. From 2011 till 2015, I maintain my own classes  and students, in the multiplex  Quilombo Centro Cultural. Every year, I organize student flamenco performances to better educate my students, while  I assume the direction and production of these events.

As a dancer, I have worked with renowned musicians and in 2012 I founded the music and dance group, + rythmo. I have performed in my own production, choreography and artistic direction in different places and theaters of Athenes. The recent years, I intensively work on martial arts (Kung fu-eagle Claw) and Brazilian jiu jitsu, for developping a better physical condition  and discover new ways to balance the mind and the body. Since 2015, I am co-founder of  the multiplex  Studio Corporal  which is located in Athens. 

I am member of NorForSale Art Net since 2015.

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