Dauda Conteh

musician - African percussionist - African dancer

Dauda Conteh, comes  from Sierra Leone in West Africa. From a young age, he was a member of the National Dance Troupe of Sierra Leone, with which he has participated in festivals in Africa (Gambia, Senegal, Ghana), Europe (Italy, Poland, Spain) and in Turkey.

Is a dancer (African dance, modern, acrobatics) and percussionist (djembe, doundoun).

The last years,  he lives in Greece and works as a teacher  of African dance (I symmoria tou Iliou, Chorogramma) and as percussionist in African dance classes for children and adults.

He has participated in the "Sacred Earth Drums" Theatre Dora Stratou, 2012-13 (dance, acrobatics), the show «The Quiet Voice" of Ermira Goro as a dancer (contemporary) and percussionist (music direction-Nikos Kypourgos) and in many other performances throughout Greece (Simio Theatre, Bollywood Festival 2014, Byron College Cultural Festival, Fringe Festival, etc.)

He is a member of the musical and dance group Troupe Emma Ya and one of the main founders of Watoto Africa club.

I am member of NorForSale Art Net since 2015.

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