Nickos Stefanou

tenor, musician

I studied classical singing next to the tenor Giorgos Zervanos, but also in the "Workshop for the Opera and the Theater", directed by Spyros A. Evangelatos.
I started playing "My Sleet of My Heart" for guitar and tenor by composer Noti Mavroudis. In general, I played leading roles in "Serious Abduction," "Doing It All," "Pseudo-Imperial", "Don Giovanni", "Magic Flute", Mozart, "Seville Barber" Thief "," Cinderella "by Rossini, Haydn's" Farmer's Cutter "," Altsina "by Hendela," Donkeytie's Elixir of Love "and others. Also operas of modern composers such as Hindmeath, Blacher, Barber and others. Roles in Greek and foreign operettas, such as Strauss's Bat, Parisian Life, Fine Helen, Offenbach's Wedding after Lights, Lehar's "Wicked Widow", "Baptist", "Christina" "Kretikopoula" by Sakellaridis, "The Doodles of Athens", "Chatzapostolou's Girl in the Neighborhood".

I have performed works by Greek composers such as: G. Vokos, M. Kana, I. Papadatou, D. Maragopoulos, A. Balta, N. Xanthouli, G. Drostiti, N. Kypourgou and others.

Works of Religious Music, such as Mozart's Rebecca, Buggie's Maggiefit, Bokirini's Stamatomater, Rossini's Stamat Mater.

I participated in concerts of Loya Music in many cities in Greece and Cyprus. From 1989 until today, I am a permanent collaborator of the Greek National Opera.

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