Nikos Kalivas

choreographer, contemporary dancer

I studied Mathematics in the Department of Sciences at the University of Patras. I studied also dance at the professional Dance School of AKTINA. In recent years I live in Athens where I am choreographed and I teach contemporary dance in the preparatory section of the AKTINA Dance School, in amateur schools and in dance studios. I have collaborated and dance with Betty Dramisiotis, Nikos Kalogerakis, Haris Mantafouni, Kiki Baka, Lydia Lithos Dance Theater, Torus-knot dance company, Leyya Mona Taiwil, Konstantinos Rigos, Yannis Antoniou, Haris Kousios and others, as well at dance festivals in Greece and abroad.

I am currently collaborating as a dancer with the Dance Acting Choreographer Angeliki Stellatou and the French choreographers Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet as part of Documenta 14 and as a choreographer on the Munich Biennale 2017-2018 platform in collaboration with the Language and Arts Center. I am member of NorForSale Art Net since 2017.

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