Barbara Bardaka

choreographer, contemporary dancer

In June 2016, I completed three-year studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria. During my studies I was chosen to participate as a dancer at the InWorks Festival (Brussels, Belgium), I worked as a theater choreographer at KunstQuartier (Saltzburg) and participated in the Athens Dance Video Project (Athens). In September 2016 I was selected to follow David Zambrano at the Flying Low & Passing Through Technical Seminar for 30 days in Spain.

I am a founding member of the "F/2" company with whom I made my first appearance in Athens in March with the homonymous piece as a creator, choreographer and performer at InProgressFeedbackFestival 2017 of the artistic center "Engine".
The field of my personal research is improvisation as a form of technique and performance, with main influence of techniques of Edwarddo Ernesto's Depth Movement and of Rakesh Sukesh and David Zambrano.i live in Athens and my aim is to continue and evolve my research into improvisation through teachings, collective research and the creative process.

I am member of NorForSale Art Net since 2017.

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