Vasia Vougioukli

dancer, musician

I born in Athens and graduated from the Music School of Pallini. She excelled at the Pedagogy of Ballet in the Music Academy of Sofia(1999) and graduated from the Music Studies Department of the University of Athens (2003).

She studied singing with M. Stamataki, M. Moreleon and A. Armani. She is active as musician and singer since 2000 in music venues and concerts in Greece and abroad. She has worked as a dancer at the National Opera (2005). Also as a dance teacher has taught jazz  and musical courses in the  Theatre of Changes in L.A Theatre, Pythagorio Conservatory, in Vagia Pediotaki 's School, while she has been a founding member of Armani Musical Theater Centre.

She has attended many seminars on  classical and contemporary dance, including those of Jacob's Pillow (jazz, style of Bob Fosse) and international classical dance competition of Varna. Since 2006 he teaches kinesiology and personal  staging  for professional singers and actors. your social media marketing partner