Natasa Papamichail

choreographer, dancer

I born in Athens. I have graduated from «The Arts Educational School» (dance department), London. I am founding member of the group «Theatro». I was choreographed the performances «Barcode ... maybe not», «Spectators" and "Desert". I was responsible  for the movement in  theatrical performances, in collaboration with directors such as: Aspa Tompouli, Panos Koronis etc

As a dancer I have worked with the companies: "Airesis Dance Company" ( Giannis  Bagourdis), «Paracoon Dance Company», «Dancetheater Roes" (Sofia Spyratou), "X-Art" (Katerina Andriopoulou), "Elsewhere, here, everywhere" (Patricia Lazou) "Aenaon Dance" ( Daniel Lommel), «Syndram» (Chrysiis Liatziviri), etc.

In addition, I participated in musical performances with Dionysis Savvopoulos, Nikos Papazoglou, Alexander Mouzas etc. I have attended seminars with: Claude Brumachon, Sonya Raferty, Yutaka Takei, Ismael Ivo, Angelique Wilkie, Emio Greco, Barbara Menneses, Amanda Miller, Anthonis Foniadakis, Juan Kruz, etc.  

I teach contemporary dance for children and adults.

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