Dance-Theater Festival

We process the organization of a festival, the first Festival of Dance-Theatre NorForSale Art Net. Our motivation comes from all of you who support and believe in the team with your  precious, continued presence and participation in each of its activities.

Initially, we want the festival  to operate as a small workshop. Soon, in its course, we aspire it to become a beacon and  a pole of art for the broader art audience. Our vision is - at the same time we are going to great effort - in due course, to produce an integral performing arts work,  in  a great theater scene.

With energy and joy, every September we would like to invite you all to a genuine artistic feast, during which, European and local artists will initiate you while they train you in art.

Our company is organizing and processing an artistic program of the first festival. We would  like it to be a groundbreaking experience, which will surprise students and spectators. With a wide variety of workshops, as well as an innovative artistic program, we firmly believe, that the period of instruction, performances and workshops, will not leave anyone unmoved.

We are all entitled to participate in any cultural expression, by all means. Investing in the  theatre arts, we create culture, claiming the man and the deeper existence. From our side, we will be trying, year after year, to raise our artistic level and  the to mantain it high.  Thus, to consolidate,this new dimension that we are seeking in the art of dance- theater. your social media marketing partner