Dance-Theater Labs

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Few Words

DanceTheater Labs, are a new organization of education in the interpretive process. They are completed within few weeks or months with the participation of the students in a directional and choreographic unique performance. These are a first basic stage of education in the performing arts. They bring together, professional artists and amateurs  from different types of performing arts. This multiple divercity, in the end, is conveyed to a unified result, a unifying presentation, which highlights the grandeur and the  infinity of the  theatrical art.

A powerful element of this process, is the encouragement to expose oneself on  stage. To have an appointment or an encounter with one’s fears, for winning, in the end, one’s inner streght. We expand and investigate how quantum mechanics stand towards one’s well being. We become aware of how we become allies with our own contractions, utilizing them on stage. How disappointments get unlocked and challenged, while our perspective is enhanced. Finally we conclude with the victory of man who is ready to redefine everyday life and rush through it. your social media marketing partner