Hands On (2018)




This is a human-like ode-performance. We want the viewer to become a companion to the superhuman request called life and which is but one check. Our wandering in life often touches the limits of madness. And that is precisely the point where the man meets his imperfect and finite limit, having the choice to turn that check into a personal crash.

The man accepting the crash ceases to be merely a being threatened by the tendency of perishability, finiteness and mortality, and the being that resists this tendency is beginning to become at the same time by overcoming the terms of everyday life.

Performance inspired by the Βook : "The Human Epic - The Assignment" by Dimitris Dimitriadis and Photo Album : "Ηands Οn" by George Xirogiannis

The performance is a creative product of the students of the 2018 dancetheater lab organized by the NorForSale Artistic Net -  see who we are  >> 






Performances : 11, 12/6/18  in Modenrn Theater (Evmolpidon 45, Gazi - Athens)

Producer: Norforsale Art Net



Theater Director – Dramatist : Yannis Mantsis 

Choreographer : Aliki Kazouri

Choreographic participation : Nikos Kalivas

Voice Editing : Nikos Stefanou

Photos : Stefanos Kyriakopoulos, Manos Megaloudis

Video / Editing : Christos Xenitopoulos

Performers : Kon. Marougas, Athina Droubali, Ariadni Papapanagiotou, Maria Stylianidi, Maria Moustaka, Chrisini Kouvara, Niovi Pepe, Anna Filimega, Konstantina Katsigianni, Anna Iordanidou, Marianna Xenidou, Alina, Mpanteka, Eftichia Zachou, Eleni Koukouli, Ilia Konstantinou, Tzoanna Papageorgiou, Margarita Tsavou.

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